Arizona Provider Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment

Arizona Provider Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (AzPOLST) is part of The National POLST Paradigm that helps patients get the medical treatments they want, and avoid medical treatments they do not want, when they are seriously ill or frail.  It’s about helping people live the way they want until they die. 

AzPOLST encourages patients and their healthcare professionals to talk about what patients want at the end of life.  The conversation should include:

  • Diagnosis: The disease(s) or medical conditions the patient has.

  • Prognosis: What is the likely course of the disease or condition? What will happen to the patient over time.

  • Treatment Options: What treatments are available to the patient How do they help? What are the side effects?

  • Goals of Care: What is important to the patient? What gives their life meaning and what makes for a good quality of life?

After talking, the patient and healthcare provider may be able to make informed shared decisions about what treatments the patient wants, or does not want, and document them on a AzPOLST form.  This form is a portable medical order that can follow the patient and help healthcare providers understand the patients’ goals whenever or wherever the patient has a medical emergency and can’t speak for themselves.

We invite you to learn more about AzPOLST.